The List

April 30, 2007

The list is up! You can keep an eye on my progress in the sidebar over there on the right. It’s just a bare-bones text list at the moment, but I’m considering sprucing it up some. I haven’t decided yet if I want to set it up as some sort of a link list now (perhaps to each game’s GameFAQs page to save myself valuable search time?), or if I should wait. The other consideration would be to snap a picture of each game when I finish it, then link to that proof of completion. It is a dilemma!


In the Beginning…

April 29, 2007

Lately I’ve been on a bit of a Castlevania kick, playing through Portrait of Ruin, which I picked up months ago upon its release. This, in turn, gave me the impetus to pick up another Castlevania game that I had long neglected (my wife’s copy of Lament of Innocence). These two games had been purchased some time ago but were left by the wayside when something newer or flashier came out. They were being wasted, but chance led me back to them and I enjoyed it immensely. Then inspiration struck.

We’ve all had it happen. You pick up a game, you play it for a bit, but then a new game hits the shelves and lures you away while that first game languishes in its incomplete state. Perhaps you got stuck at some point and decided to move along to less frustrating pastures, never to pick up the offending game again. There’s at least one game that I never finished because (as dorky as it may sound) I just didn’t want it to end (hello, Wind Waker!).

I intend to rectify this situation that I have found myself in. I am going to finish every game I own. Okay, perhaps not every game… at least for now I am only going to focus on my consoles and handheld systems. Depending on the success I find in this endeavor, I may expand my scope to encompass the PC, but that has yet to be determined.

The first step was to catalogue my games. All of my games. I spent Friday night rummaging around my apartment trying to track down every game I could find and listing them in a notebook. Once I had everything (or as close as I can figure) I logged onto Gamespot and entered my collection (151 games). From there I copied every game in the list that I haven’t finished into the Now Playing list (77). This will be my means of tracking progress. Whenever a game is complete, it’ll be moved off of the Now Playing list.

I will be blogging this process to give myself a forum to exult (when that Now Playing number goes down), despair (when it goes up… I can’t imagine I’ll stop buying games altogether during this shenanigan), and grumble (when I try to complete Ikaruga). I will be using GameFAQs judiciously (I’m not trying to prove anything about my skills… I just want to say I’ve finished all the games). I will count a game complete when the storyline has been finished… extra modes (hello, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness!) don’t count. Puzzle games, sports games, racing games, and any other genres not specifically mentioned which do not have actual storylines have been excluded. I’ll be posting a list of the 77 games soon, in order to have a public means of tracking my progress on this blog.

I’m looking at this project as one big meta-game. Each of my games is a part of the whole, and I need to reach 100% completion to unlock the nicest of extras: peace of mind.