On a roll

Two games down in two days! Castlevania: Curse of Darkness has fallen to my relentlessness. It seems like a bit of a hollow victory, however. There was some question at the beginning of all of this as to whether or not I should have included Curse of Darkness in the list. You see, this project was initially conceived as an effort for me to complete all the games that I had played before, never finished, then got set aside and neglected. Curse of Darkness was never set aside and neglected. In fact, my enjoyment of Lament of Innocence is what brought me to track down Curse, which subsequently led to me ignoring Lament. Anyway, the game was just too awesome to set down while I focused solely on old forgotten games, so I decided to put it on the list despite it being a continuous play through.

So this brings the score to Fred: 2, Procrastination: 75. And to top it off, as I alluded to in my last post, I’m nearing completion of Klonoa: Empire of Dreams. It should be only a matter of a couple of hours (if even that long) before my “complete” tally goes up one more.


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