One down

Okay, so on Wednesday I said I would continue my tale of Castlevanity “tomorrow” but I was unable to follow through on the promise. In my defense, however, I did use that precious writing time to further my overarching goal: I’ve finished my first game in this project. I was getting towards the end of Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance and figured that I’d be able to just finish it last night if I pressed enough. Well, sure enough at about 1:00 am (so, today, technically) I finished it up. As you can see on the right, that game has been scratched off, and I’ve added a score box to track my percentage. Anyway, I hope to have the next part of my autobiographical Castlevania recap up either today or tomorrow. I suppose it all depends on how close I am to finishing Klonoa: Empire of Dreams tonight…


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