Enough, already!

No, that title doesn’t mean that I’m fed up with this little project of mine, despite the lack of updates over the last few days. What it’s actually referring to is the stupendously offensive number of branding movies on Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. This game seriously has six little videos before reaching the main menu (which commits sins of its own, mind you, but those are for later).

First up is the Activision logo… as the publisher of the game, I suppose this one makes sense and is to be expected.

Next we have the Marvel logo as seen at the beginning of all of their recent film adaptations. Again, I suppose I could see the reason for this one, as the entire game is predicated upon Marvel’s intellectual property, but think about it: the game is called Marvel: Ultimate Alliance… I think everyone knows they’re involved without a video telling us so.

Following the Marvel logo is Raven Software. This, as with the Activision logo, is fine… as the developer, they certainly have the right to stamp their work.

Vicarious Visions, on the other hand, follows Raven’s video with two of their own. Sure, according to Wikipedia, they co-developed the game with Raven (as, apparently, did “Beenox Studios” and “Barking Lizards Technologies,” but those two didn’t slap their logo videos on the game), and they supplied the engine the game was based on, but why couldn’t they have combined the two videos into one?

Rounding out this rodeo is a quick video for Sofdec, presumably included to thank CRI Middleware for creating the software that enabled the playback of it and the five videos before it.

It all just seems to me that it’s a bit of a waste of time, as quite a few of those could have just been combined into a static screen… Give Activision and Marvel a screen together so they can both show up nice and big to keep their egos happy.¬† The developers could share another page, with Raven Software’s logo next to Vicarious Visions’, and then the licensed software could have been consolidated.

Anyway, M:UA is obviously the next game I’ve chosen to fire up, so expect to read a bit more rambling about it here as time goes on.


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