Another Final Fantasy off the list

Seeing as how I haven’t finished any games in quite some time now, (yet again I point to Golden Sun and Marvel: U.A.) I decided it was time to give my percentage a little boost. Final Fantasy III has been sitting in my DS for many months now with a save game at the beginning of the final dungeon. I had been putting off finishing it in anticipation of getting (and perfecting) the Onion Knight job. The problem here is that for the Onion Knight to be an effective job, your characters need to be somewhere around level 94 or above. This is utterly ridiculous. To explain further, my characters were at level 60 when I began playing again today (after I’d already spent many hours leveling up). I played for about three hours to finish the game, going through the toughest area of the game (naturally) with the strongest enemies (of course) who give the most experience (which should go without saying), including numerous bosses, who give even more experience than their underlings. With all of this — three hours of the most experience-rich play possible in this game — I only gained three levels. Yes, three. There is a problem with this. If we assume the same rate of gain that I just mentioned, it would take over 30 hours more for me to reach a usable character level to utilize the Onion Knight to its fullest potential. In truth, it would be far more than 30 hours, as the three levels in three hours I gained today was exceptional, nevermind the fact that each subsequent level takes more experience to reach than the last.

This is what I was referring to in my inaugural post where I mentioned that I am not going to attempt to reach 100% completion within each individual game, but instead will focus purely on just successfully reaching the conclusion of each title. Now that Final Fantasy III is out of the way, I’m that much closer, at 9.1%. One eleventh of the way there!


2 Responses to Another Final Fantasy off the list

  1. Lassarina says:

    I’m thinking with much amusement of what your reaction to the minigames in FFX-2 will be, then. XD

    I take it you do still plan to go back at some later date and get all the extras in FF12?

  2. Fred says:

    Actually, I’ve not decided… it’s quite possible that I’ll head back to 12, but it really all comes down to how long this whole project takes and what else comes out in the meantime (*cough*OdinSphere*cough*) :)

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