Invisible progress!

It’s been a while since I last regaled you with my tales of woe and tedium, but there’s a good reason: there’s been nothing of note to tell. I suppose I could have mentioned that I finally managed to make it past the mission from Hell, but I figured I had already bored you to tears with the play-by-play on that one. I considered writing an open letter to the ruffians, hooligans, bandits, and ne’er-do-wells of Ivalice, exhorting them to stop assaulting the areas I had previously liberated (there’s no chance they can withstand my might, and it’s just plain annoying to have to put them down), but I didn’t feel like explaining the underlying mechanics of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, which would be required to fully understand my frustration.

Since I’ve completed around 160 of FFTA‘s 300 missions (as of today’s lunch break), I could have written up a little something when I hit the halfway mark at 150. The problem with that, though, is that the total of 300 is including plot-advancement and side quests together. If I’ve completed half of the quests altogether, I assume I’m actually much farther than halfway through the plot (and I’d damn well better be… I’m coming up on 70 hours sunk into this beast); without knowing the exact halfway point, a post of “I’m halfway done!” would have rang a little hollow.

I could have posted about any of these things, and more (I’m sure I could find something to write up about Marvel: Ultimate Alliance… I’ve been rather quiet on that front recently), but I instead decided to just keep chipping away at the games. With luck, I’ll be able to cross a couple more off the list in the near future.


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