The sincerest form of flattery

Looks like I should be honored. Apparently, the idea behind this little project has taken hold of Joystiq’s own South African dynamo, Ludwig Kietzmann, as he embarked today on his own journey to complete his library of unfinished games. The B[ack]log is Ludwig’s attempt to put away a game a week and discuss it a bit afterwards, which essentially differs from my own efforts in that he’s setting himself up for failure with the one-a-week deadline. Then again, his job is essentially to play (and write about) games, so he can actually take care of his while at work.

I’m just pissed that he’s got a better name for his project than I do.


One Response to The sincerest form of flattery

  1. The Wolfkin says:

    I saw your link on Kotaku and you have a nice list there. I don’t know you or how good a gamer you are but I’m a nintendo gamer myself with a large backlog that I might choose to chronicle. Anyway I’m going to go ahead and warn you about Ikaruga. Ever word Maddox says is true. That game will kick your butt and make you love it. I’ve made it to level 3 but never past it which is necessary for practice. Arg what a horrible, wonderful game. If you ever get extremely frustrated and need a break let me recommend any of the following: Pikmin 2, Kirby:CC, Sonic Rush. and what the heck Viewtiful Joe. Four extremely fun games and while VJ and Sonic Rush have ramped up difficulty near the end they’re still very completable. Back when my backlog was small I actually went thru VJ about three times. I’d like to get the secret mode but that requires perfect scores on the entire game and quite frankly.. who has the time when I still need to hop on RE4

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