Good news and bad news

I return from my two-week-plus hiatus with news both delicious and dire. On the positive side of things, I have finally completed my original listing of GBA games (notice the careful wording there… one could probably call this foreshadowing and not be too far off the mark). Yes, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance has finally fallen to my superior skills plodding patience.  This particular news should have been posted a few days ago when I idiotically stumbled into the final battle completely unprepared and proceeded to have my digital rear end handed to me.  A few days of levelling and a series of all-powerful Totema attacks made a world of difference, however, with the finish tonight being quite easy indeed.  So, while it has been some time since my last update, I’ve not been entirely unproductive in the interim (despite the best efforts of a few days’ vacation and a newly-acquired, wretchedly addictive rhythm game).   The score, then, becomes 10/77, for a completion percentage of 13%.

Notice, however, that the sidebar shows a slightly smaller percentage.  This is not an error, but is, in fact, the bad news.  During the vacation mentioned earlier, I had a chance to discuss this blog with my brother, whom I was visiting, and as loyal readers may have noticed is my wont, the conversation got Castlevania-y.  In particular, I related to my brother that I only had the first two GBA Castlevanias (Circle of the Moon and Harmony of Dissonance) as a result of my getting stuck on HoD.  The story went that after getting stuck at almost the very beginning of HoD, I decided to swear off Castlevania altogether, and thus skipped right over Aria of Sorrow.  Needless to say, this only lasted until Dawn of Sorrow hit the DS, which I picked up to pad out my library for the system, which was rather lacking in quality titles at that time (okay, I picked it up because I couldn’t stay away from the Castle, I’m weak!).  It followed, then, that I began to crave the chapter I skipped, but it was no longer being sold.  Later, Konami published the Castlevania Double Pack, including both Harmony of Dissonance and Aria of Sorrow on a single cartridge.  I intended to pick this up to complete my collection (even going so far as to put it on my wishlist), but had never actually made the purchase.  Hearing my tale of calamity and tribulation, my brother informed me that he had, in fact, purchased the Castlevania Double Pack, had played through both games contained therein, and expected not to need the cartridge any further.  As you may suspect, the game pak accompanied me home from the vacation, to become my first incidence of backsliding.  Aria of Sorrow has joined the list as game number 78, forcing the current percentage down to 12.8% (10/78), instead of the 13% it would have been at otherwise.


One Response to Good news and bad news

  1. Todd says:

    You didn’t pick up Elite Beat Agents? For shame!

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