The trifecta is complete

The SCEA platformer trifecta, that is. After having just finished Sly 2 and Jak II back to back, I threw in Ratchet: Deadlocked tonight, thinking that it would keep me occupied for the next couple of days. I was wrong. It kept me occupied for the next couple of hours. As I think back on it now, that makes sense, however, as I had basically dropped the game when I got sick of trying to level up all of my weapons to the max. Now that I’m focusing solely on plot completion, it was a cakewalk going through the little bit I had left before.

At this point, I think I may take a bit of a break from the home console gaming for a day or two (until you know what comes out) and focus on the handheld side of things. Then again, I may just play some Overlord on Gametap while I wait. Sure, it won’t count towards the project as it’s the PC version and I’m sticking to my console-only rule for the moment, but it’s damn fun regardless. Besides, I’m ridiculously far ahead of where I expected to be. Honestly, when I said I was going to try to finish Age of Empires or Sly 2 before BioShock hit, I didn’t really expect to finish either one… I was just hoping. Now it turns out that not only did I finish them both, but two more joined them in the finished games’ lounge, where I like to imagine that they’re all kicking back with cold beverages and fine cigars.


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