An open letter to whomever took away Kirby’s arms and legs

To whom it may concern:

Screw you, you sadistic bastard.  You should be beaten with a sack full of little pink marshmallow arms and legs.  And rocks.

I understand that Kirby: Canvas Curse was released rather early in the DS’s life cycle, and so it essentially had to use the touch screen as its exclusive means of control.  I’ll even admit that for what it is, it’s actually a rather smooth system.  It’s just that some of the levels are ridiculously annoying to navigate when one does not have direct control over one’s squishy pink avatar.

It pleases me to inform you, however, that despite your nefarious limburglary, I was able to guide my rose-colored puffball to victory this very afternoon.  Furthermore, should you ever attempt to steal another character’s limbs, expecting to “get me back” for foiling your plans, you should be aware that I will not care, and your dastardly deed will be met with indifference.

I bid you good day, sir!


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