Metroid extravaganza!

Release dates are funny things. For the most part, one can expect to pick up a game the day after the publisher’s announced release date. The reason usually given for this is satisfactory: the “release date” is actually the date that the game is shipped to retailers, so they can’t reasonably be expected to have the game on shelves nationwide the very same day. However, for high profile games, publishers will sometimes ship their copies to the retailers early and inexplicably require the retailers to delay sales until some arbitrary date. On occasion, this can lead to awkward situations wherein certain retailers will break the street date, causing all of geekdom to get up in arms that we might be able to get our paws on the game a few days before anyone else, but more often it just means that you can swing by your local Gamestapo and walk out with the game on the official release date itself.

On the other hand, sometimes you’ll run into a situation such as I did earlier this week. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption had a release date of 8/27/2007, which is a little strange to start with (being a Monday, when most games release on Tuesdays). After eating dinner on this Monday, on a whim, I decided to head across the parking lot to the EBGames to see if Metroid Prime 3 was a big enough release to warrant the early shipping treatment. While acknowledging that it was a long-shot, I lobbed my question at the clerk, who predictably informed me that they would have the game the next day and tried to get me to put down a pre-order. I naturally declined (to this day, the only game I can recall pre-ordering was Quake III Arena, and that’s because I wanted the fancy metal box the pre-ordered version came in), and went on about my business. All that was left before heading home, then, was a trip to Target for some groceries. Now, whenever I enter Target, I always end up swinging past the game section, just on the off chance that they may have some gem of a game on a ridiculous sale. It never happens, but the habit has ingrained itself. On this particular Monday, however, it served me well. Where EBGames didn’t have any copies of Metroid, Target was inundated with them. They were practically falling out of the display case.

Despite not having finished Metroid Prime 2 yet, I tossed Corruption in when my wife and I finally returned home, just to check out the controls. I didn’t spend enough time with it to form an opinion, but early indications are good. It is going to take some getting used to after the arcane-yet-strangely-good setup of the first two Primes. Meanwhile, I’m tearing through Metroid Prime 2 in order to feel comfortable playing through the new one. Even though Metroid titles aren’t usually the most story-intensive, I don’t really feel right skipping an installment of a series. On the plus side, I’m a lot closer to the end than I had originally suspected. I’m not going to be finishing it tonight or anything, but I had forgotten that the percentage reported on the saved games is including every power-up and missile/power-bomb expansion, which I do not, by any means, intend to track down. In other words, while I’m only around the mid 50s on it, I don’t have to reach 100% to mark it off the list.


3 Responses to Metroid extravaganza!

  1. Todd says:

    Meh, Metroid Prime. I hated the first one, although I got to the very end (my first attempt at the last battle sucked hard, and I didn’t care to go back and try it again — it’ll be an easy one for me to knock out if I do decide to go back). I bought the second one for cheap not too long ago, started playing it, and remembered why I hated the Prime series. So I’m not going to bother picking up Prime 3, at least not until it’s in the $20 or less bin.

    I love Metroid, but so far I’ve hated the attempts at making it 3D. I never tried Hunters on the DS, so maybe that’s better.

    And yes, I know that Prime is a “First Person Adventure” and not a “First Person Shooter” and thus I shouldn’t expect it to support a proper first-person control scheme. That’s a BS cop-out. Oblivion and Morrowind were both “First Person Adventures” yet they had excellent control schemes. Retro are just a bunch of idiots who have absolutely ruined what used to be an awesome franchise. Luckily Super Metroid is coming to the Virtual Console (is already there? Not sure, haven’t turned on my Wii in a while), so at least *something* good will come out of the Prime 3 release. now I just have to track down the Wii gamepad controller, since I don’t think Super Metroid will play well with the Wavebird’s shite d-pad.

  2. Lassarina says:

    It’s good that you’re so close to finishing Metroid Prime 2 :) And even better, that will mean you’ve finished at least one game on more than half your consoles, hurrah!

    Now to succeed at my evil plan of getting you to play the FF IV-VI Advances so I can giggle as your percentage goes down…

    Kidding! ^_^;

  3. The Wolfkin says:

    keep up the target hunt. I found the last copy of FFIV (GBA) for $8 there one day. I was luckier than I knew as I can’t find that game anywhere and the cashier who rang me up was surprised to see it and told me he would have no doubt picked it up himself had he known.

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