One step forward, two steps back

And then a step to the side, just for good measure. I’ve been busy, lately. Too busy to update properly, in fact. I finished Metroid Prime 2: Echoes on Sunday night and immediately launched into Metroid Prime 3: Corruption without so much as an update to The List, let alone a full-blown post about it. I’ve actually zipped my way to 20% in MP3 so far, and have finally gotten used to the controls, which are truly exceptional. Seriously, the controls alone have already made this my favorite installment of the Prime trilogy. Perhaps the final 80% of the game will be terrible and change my opinion, but I wouldn’t wager on it.

Now, as to those two steps back. This past Thursday was the internationally-recognized* holiday known as My Birthday. Among the deluge of gifts that were lavished upon me by my adoring hordes, nestled between the life-size solid-jade likeness of me and the soft Corinthian leather tracksuit, was a gift card for the Gameslop, offered up by my wife’s most generous parents. Taking this treasure in hand, I bravely descended into the depths of the store, emerging several minutes later with copies of Killzone: Liberation and Scurge: Hive (which does, indeed, have just about the worst name ever). I had mentioned jonesin’ for Killzone: Liberation here a while ago, after having played the demo, but I’ve made no mention of Scurge until now. In truth, I hadn’t heard of the game when it originally came out, and only happened across it through some overlooked DS games list on digg a few months back. I read up on it a bit and it sounded rather interesting, but I didn’t feel the urge to upset my percentage with it before. Now, however, armed with free money and finding it for a mere $10, it’s on the list and after about an hour and a half of playtime on it, it seems to be worth it. Apparently, someone at Ninja Theory liked it, too, as they appropriated main character Jenosa Arma’s hairstyle for use in Heavenly Sword.
(* – Recognized by the Democratic Republic of Fredistan and the Commonwealth of My Apartment)

Finally, I suppose I should explain that “step to the side” I mentioned above. As I was poring over The List trying to get everything updated today, I paused for a moment to consider Super Monkey Ball. I then promptly deleted it. I had originally placed it on The List as it is a game with a finite set of levels that could, technically, be completed. What I failed to take into account, though, is that there is no plot in the game, which, for the most part, is a crucial criterion for inclusion in this project. In fact, depending on who you ask, the game is considered either a party game or a puzzle game, neither of which I keep on the list. Expecting to complete it would be akin to making an attempt to complete Mario Party or Tetris… it’s just not the point of these games. With that being said, Super Monkey Ball now has the distinction of being the first game to be expunged from The List altogether. I’ve got nothing against the game itself, but the more I think about it, the more I realize it just doesn’t fit in with the nature of this project.


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