Two Primes down, one to go…

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, while ostensibly the final Metroid game in the Prime series, is not the final Metroid game on my list. With yesterday afternoon’s completion of Corruption, that distinction falls to the sadly-uninspired Metroid Prime: Hunters on the DS. Metroid Prime 3, I must say, was great despite the low difficulty. There were some challenges to be had through the game, but nothing like the frustration of trying to track down the Sky Temple keys in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. In fact, this was the first of the Prime games in which I actually attained 100%, and I didn’t even consult a FAQ to do it. There are two factors introduced in this game that made such a feat possible: bookmarking and unlockable in-game, on-map item locations.

Honestly, it’s the little things like that which truly made Corruption as good as it is. Every time I would spot a missile expansion or other unreachable upgrade, I was able to highlight the room that contained it using the bookmark feature, making it a cinch to head back there when I had obtained the necessary means to reach it. Eventually I reached a particular room that allowed me to set up my maps to show each and every one of the expansions, as well as which ones had been collected and which ones not. Another cool little touch is an integrated Wiimote battery meter in Samus’ helmet. Take a look at some screenshots of the game, and you may notice some blue lights on the top of Samus’ helmet just above the energy indicator on the visor itself. In some of the screenshots there are two bars lit up, in others there are three. While playing through the game I had actually failed to notice these until I was down to one bar and it began to switch between yellow and blue light. I remained confused on the purpose of the lights until finally that last light switched to red and a message popped up on my visor warning me that my battery was running low.

Next up, then, is going to be either Beyond Good & Evil, as I believe I’m quite far into it and shouldn’t have too much trouble completing it in a fairly speedy manner, or Gears of War. With Halo 3 just around the corner, I’m hoping for (although certainly not expecting) another burst of completions like unto that which preceded the coming of Bioshock last month. On the portable front, Scurge: Hive is coming right along, and should be knocked out quite soon, freeing up my DS for Metroid Prime: Hunters, assuming that I can actually figure out what I was last doing in that game. I fully expect, however, to be confounded when I make my next attempt at Hunters, as there really is no mechanism in the game (so far as I recall, at least) to keep track of where I need to go next, and it’s been far too long since I last played it for me to remember.


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