Scurge: Hive

I completed Scurge: Hive this morning before work. I was able to get the list updated during the day, but couldn’t find the time to post properly about it. The game was short (a little over 12 hours), but it felt wretchedly long. The problem is that there isn’t a lot of variety to the game. Every area you enter, you have exactly the same goal, which you go about in exactly the same way. If I wasn’t on a mission here, the game would’ve been ignominiously relegated to the never-to-be-finished stack with nary a regret. Which, as bad as this all sounds, is not to say that it’s a bad game. In fact, despite some pretty hefty swiping from the Metroid series, it still seems to have a feeling of originality to it overall. I was particularly fond of the weapon system, wherein each enemy type (biological, mechanical, and energy-based) was weak to one weapon, but would receive a boost from another. For example, mechanical enemies will take extra damage from the EMP beam, but if you hit an energy-based creature with it, not only will no damage be dealt, but that creature’s speed and attack power will increase. There were quite a few spots where swarms of all three enemy types would come at me, requiring some pretty nimble weapon switching.  I suppose given the low cost and relatively quick boost to my percentage, Scurge was worthwhile… but I won’t be clamoring for a sequel.


One Response to Scurge: Hive

  1. B.J. says:

    Almost 1/4 done. Nice! You have any luck finishing Gears of War before Halo 3 dropped?

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