A Visit from Master Chief

‘Twas the night before Halo when all ‘cross the land
The fanboys lined up, pre-order slips in hand;
Their cash was laid down, receipts guarded with care
In hopes Master Chief soon would be there;
The noobs, though, were nestled, all snug in their beds
While visions of Cortana danced in their heads.

There would be more, but I fell asleep trying to write the rest late last night after finishing Gears of War. Given that it’s no longer the night before Halo, I figured I’d just go ahead and post what I have and move along. I didn’t pick up a copy of the game yet, but I fully intend to just as soon as I get out of work this evening, and then it’s Covenant-smashing time!

What with all my complaining in my last post, I didn’t get around to pointing out that the completion of Metroid Prime: Hunters actually pushed me over a milestone. That game was number 21 out of the 81 games that are currently on the list, putting my percentage at 25.9%… I’m more than a quarter of the way through! Gears of War, then, just puts me that much further up, bringing the percentage to 27.2% ever so briefly, before I grab Halo 3 tonight, which will bring me down a bit to 26.8%.


One Response to A Visit from Master Chief

  1. Todd says:

    I told you Gears was an easy completion. Should’ve finished that one a long time ago :).

    Halo 3 will be another quick completion. In fact you really should be done already. Why aren’t you done yet?

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