Lost Update

So remember my last post where I said “I’m going to make every effort to stay on updating now that I’ve started again.”?  Well, what I meant to say is that I’m not actually going to do that.  Now, I did fully intend to keep up the updating, but as before, there was always something that was keeping me from it.  Specifically, this time, two things: school, and lack of progress.  I actually knew that the school bit was coming up when I made my last post, but I underestimated the amount of reading it was going to entail, and thus didn’t think it would have an impact on my mission, rendering it pointless to mention.  Holy hell was I wrong, but you don’t really care about/need my bitching, so we’ll move on.

It’s coming up on three months since my last post (a few weeks away, but close enough).  Despite this, I’ve only managed to sneak in the time to complete one measly game… and it wasn’t even on the list to begin with.  Lost Odyssey, you’ll notice, has now appeared on the list with a nice satisfying strikethrough effect on it.  I probably should have snuck it up on the list without a proper update, as I’ve done with other titles in the past, just to make sure that the list itself  (and thus the percentage, of course) gives an accurate representation of just how much work I have ahead of me.  I didn’t do that, however, and so you’ll just have to live with it.  The game was great.  It goes without saying that the graphics are beautiful, and the music was fantastic (if a mite repetitive), but flashy presentation does not a good RPG make.  It’s got a nice old-school sort of feel to it, most particularly in the battle system, hearkening back to NES days, even, with a battle system that requires you to enter an action for all of your characters together before the round resolves itself.  While ATB systems have their place, I found Lost Odyssey‘s system to be not only satisfactory, but a rather nice change of pace.  Also, although it may be silly of me, I kind of enjoyed having the game spread out over four discs (nevermind the shoddy packaging they fobbed off on us North Americans)… back in the PS1 days, it always seemed to give a physical sense of progress when you had to get up and switch discs, and while the act itself is kind of annoying, I don’t mind it coming back, even if the PS3 fanboys will point it out as a 360 shortcoming.

Anyway, having just finished the game today (well… yesterday at this point, if you want to get technical), I thought it best to give a bit of an update and remind everyone that I’m not dead yet (I think I’ll go for a walk!).  This time, however, I’m not even going to try to pretend that further updates will be forthcoming in anything remotely resembling a timely fashion.  I certainly hope that they will be more frequent, but I’ve obviously shown that this is far easier said than done.  With that being said, then, there will be more updates as time goes on… my progress may have slowed, but the project is still alive.


2 Responses to Lost Update

  1. So I noticed when checking out your Lost Odyssey score that you appear to have sprouted a bunch of new achievements in the list that you have not acquired! what’s up with that?

  2. Mark B says:


    Just came upon your blog by chance. A worthy project, but you seem to have a lot of catching up to do!

    I’ve become something of a completionist myself of late. This is probably helped by the move from PC gaming (in the majority) to my new Xbox 360 at Easter. I got sick of sitting in front of a PC at work, so my gaming suffered. Now I’m chilling on the sofa with a gamepad, I’ve been spurred on to new heights of gaming excellence (and a new low in real life existence!)

    Since 1st April 2008 I’ve completed the following Xbox 360 games:

    Tom Clancys: GRAW
    Tom Clancys: GRAW 2
    Gears Of War
    Mass Effect
    Assassins Creed
    Lost: Via Domus

    Plus (and this is the shocker) I’ve played through all 3 Halo games in succession… twice!!! Had never played any of them before, and got ridiculously addicted!

    I’ve also slotted in about 80 hours on Oblivion. And I’m currently at Nova Prospekt on Half-Life 2. Plus have played the first few levels of Kameo, Just Cause and Splinter Cell: Double Agent. And I’m still tackling Paper Mario on my old Gamecube too.

    I’m not proud of my achievements. And I think I have developed RSI and a phobia of the outdoors… and other human beings. But it’s been fun!

    Good luck with your endeavour, and keep on mashing those buttons!

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